Zenfolio Boudoir – Create Restricted Access Galleries

Zenfolio Boudoir – If you are a boudoir photographer or shoot any sensitive subject matter, in this post we will show you how to use Zenfolio Boudoir restricted access control setting to keep your clients photos safe and secure. Lets’ understand the difference between password protection and restricted access.

If you look above screenshot you can see inside my clients group the Jasmine gallery is protected with a password as indicated by the yellow padlock while the Smith gallery has restricted access apply access denied only the specific users whom designated,they can see and access this gallery. To designate users first they must create a client account using the built-in register page.

We would suggest adding this page to your site menu if you upload the photos before your clients have registered. We would suggest setting the gallery to private while you wait on them to register their client account. Once your client has registered click on the gallery in your organizer then click on gallery access.

Uncheck the box (Same as Containing Group – Public – open to all) if necessary then click on the restricted access option.

Zenfolio Boudoir Photography Restriction

Now add your clients email to the list and click Save.Now look at the clients group from a visitor’s perspective.You will notice only one gallery is visible on the page as you are viewing this page as a visitor and can only see galleries that are public or password-protected. In order to see the restricted galleries you must login to your client account.Once you log in,You will be able to view and access only the galleries that you have been added as a registered user.