Where To Start To Work In The New Team Has Brought Fun

Exit to a new job is always volnitelen. How to effectively enter into the functional working? How do I find the inner official and unspoken rules of behavior? How to establish a business, but pleasant relationships at work in the new team? These and other similar questions excite everyone in the first few weeks of operation at the new location.

HR experts developed recommendations how to join the team in the new job , how to cope with the excitement and show their own effectiveness from the first days.

The 7 Rules of successful behavior beginner

Punctuality. Even if the newcomer is not inherent in the innate sense of time, you should pay special attention to improving the enforcement of time limits. By the beginning of better to come on for 10-15 minutes before the implementation of the task entrusted to report before the deadline. If the task requires a longer period of time, should be informed prior to the run-time that will require a longer time for its implementation and provide a reason why it happened. This is how a positive impression about the punctuality and assiduity of the new employee, and adaptation to the team and the development of new work goes without psychological stress.

In communicating with colleagues, you must follow the rule: “Speak little, and in the case, listen to everything.” This will help to understand the style of communication staff, find informal roles of each employee.

Identify the set of dress code and strict adherence to it. For information on how to dress taken in the company, you have to ask at the stage of concluding agreements on the outlet to work. “Meet on clothes …” The ancient proverb is relevant to this day.

Personal acquaintance with colleagues should be carried out in non-contentious benevolent format. Immediately you should find out the established form of communication: by name or by name and patronymic. Newbie quickly joins the team, if remember the names of colleagues, and whenever you will call them by name. Psychologists have long known that the best sound for each person – his name. You want to position yourself to the person – to address him by name as often as possible.

How to enter a new team at work? Participation in informal communication helps closer to new employees. If you invite colleagues after work, have a cup of tea, eat lunch, take part in corporate events or competitions, the novice should not refuse the offer.

If suddenly in the team is brewing conflict, the newcomer is best not to get involved in it! Effectively take a neutral position, involving explaining that you do not understand the situation and you find it difficult to make a decision. Should not be discussed during the conflict, gossip. Otherwise, you can amass overt and covert enemies.

Elementary respect for the rules of conduct in the workplace. If the “elders” of the collective can afford long and loud telephone conversations on abstract themes during the working day, the novice should not be doing it. Also new employee should be excluded from their behavior:

  • frequent long stories about their former places of work;
  • mood swings, abusive towards colleagues;
  • hypocrisy and creating visibility hyperactive activities;
  • imposing their own opinions in conversation colleagues.

The adaptation process can last from several days to one month. If a novice in this time is not a relationship with the staff, you should ask for help to the head of the structure or service personnel to study the situation and develop solutions to address the problem.