What We Do Not Know About Printers And Cartridges

Users often overlook the interesting facts about the technique, which is used on a daily basis. Modern printing equipment is no exception. After refilling HP 1215 cartridges can also be fun. And if you’re curious, the history of the typewriter will be left without your attention.

Top 10 facts about cartridges and printers:

For twenty years, there is a constant improvement of the ink. Manufacturers offer toners resistant to moisture, UV light. Such inks do not fade over time and do not emit toxic substances. Refilling Canon MF3010 is carried out within ten minutes. In older printer models such procedure took more than an hour.

Ink cartridge is located at a speed of 50 km / h. This value is greater than the average speed of the car, which moves within the village.

If you add 105 filled with ink cartridges designed for laser printing equipment, the height of the tower is equal to the famous Statue of Liberty in New York.

Every year the world uses more than 11 million inkjet cartridges, despite the popularity of laser printers. If these cartridges are put one after the other, their length will be 100 times greater than the length of the Great Wall of China.

In the 19th century in England, we called cartridge cartridges used in revolvers and shotguns.

One company specializing in the sale of digital technology has analyzed the number and types of shoplifting. In second place often voruemyh products were cartridges. They are ahead of only discs with computer games, which are gradually becoming irrelevant because of the rapid development of online games.

In South Korea, it has been developed a printer that can work without ink. Toner in such printing technique is sunlight. Image or text burning sunlight. The operation of this equipment is absolutely safe.

The Japanese are not behind the Koreans and created their environmental printer. Equipment is charged with ink, which are easily erased if necessary. This enables the use of paper several times. Ink does not leave spots and streaks.

The most expensive ink – colored original toners from producer. The cost of ink is equal to the cost of the elite of French perfume.

Very popular in 2013 began to use 3D-printers. They allow you to create any three-dimensional detail. Such printers are used in the manufacture of dentures.