Top 24 trendy products to sell on your e-commerce 2023

Consumption habits have changed considerably. Connected buyers are turning to products that are now in line with their daily lives, which are no longer the same as they were 10 years ago.

Consumers are increasingly looking for meaning in their purchases. The environment is a central pillar in the new purchasing reflexes.

Whether you’re running a merchant site or looking for a drop shipping business, what to sell in 2021? What are the most popular products in France? What is the trendy product in 2021? What are the best-selling products? What to sell on the Internet?

Focus on 24 types of products to sell absolutely in 2021 to make the difference on its turnover.

Trendy products: clothing and accessories

Fashion items are, without a doubt, the unbeatable bestsellers, all shops on the Internet combined.

According to the Fevad (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling), the share of the clothing sector on products and services purchased on the web is 51%.

But beware: it is not enough to self-categorize in the “mode” box to succeed for sure. Analyzing trends, market and public requirements is paramount to finding the right products.

Hoodies, pajamas, sports pants: comfortable clothes

Comfortable outfits have never been so popular. And for good reason: following the various crises, fashions have changed, as has fashion.

The trend has changed in favor of a new way of dressing, also adopted by the big houses.

In 2020, we were able to see the importance of the “interior clothing”, especially at Dior, within the collections presented during the fashion shows.

This year, sales of tracksuit pants have exploded. As reported by Women’s Wear Daily, the American platform Vuori specialized in sports leisure has seen its sales jump by +50% on its online store just on its “sweatpants” during the first quarter of 2020.

Influencers around the world have also transformed the sports sweatshirt set into a real asset of style: today, it is worn colorful, pastel, flashy, and dares without complex above a pair of ankle boots or sandals for women.

The “pyjama” style comes out of its den to fully assume itself: an asset of style and a new e-commerce strength, provided you offer qualitative products with new colors!

Short dresses and long summer dresses

This trend is more than a trend: it’s a timeless one! The summer dress comes in a thousand and one ways, without ever boring internet users.

Only, the situation has changed: it is no longer a question of basing one’s catalogue solely on aesthetic collections and in tune with the times. It is time for action, fashion is on the move in the face of consumer demands in terms of eco-responsibility.

Your asset in the summer dress trend: find or manufacture clothes in the purest respect for the environment and humans, in all transparency.

Also, to make sure to bet on the right shapes and colors, the best is to follow the parades and presentations of the major brands that give the tempo of the creations to come.

Following these releases, influencers around the world will then make the trend, the one that everyone will talk about in the coming months.

This fashion cycle has always been in force and, regarding a bestseller like the summer dress, this rule is not about to change!

Reusable bags and totes

Since 2017, single-use plastic bags have disappeared from French crates. This object, emblem of the fight against pollution, was very quickly replaced by the reusable bag such as the tote bag, this very practical flocked fabric bag.

Within your e-commerce, offering for sale or even offering your bag will be very appreciated by your customers. As a collection specific to your platform, transform this simple container into a selling point and a means of loyalty.

Printed, colored, flocked, painted: everything is allowed on this white canvas that follows us everywhere, to integrate as soon as possible into your marketing plan.

Beyond the simple canvas bag, the e-commerce trend is also tote, also flocked to the colors of your company. In canvas, jute, fabric: each professional will find his happiness with responsible suppliers, to seduce a maximum of customers while acting for the planet!

Trendy beauty, skin and well-being products

The beauty trend is natural, vegetal and respectful of the skin as well as the environment. There is no longer any question of having miracle products with boosted marketing to work. Our time is dedicated to transparency.

Food supplements: vitamin and mineral cures

Tone and vitality! Vitamin and mineral cures have flourished in recent years and offer the consumer to compensate for deficiencies or other temporary energy losses.

This trend is only growing: according to IQVIA’s forecasts, this market is expected to be weighing more than 250 billion euros in 2024 worldwide.

Europe is also affected by this wave, with a 5% growth in sales of this type of product between 2018 and 2019, a sector of 12.6 billion euros. Italy, Germany and France are at the top of the ranking of the countries that use the most food supplements with, as a priority, cures related to digestion, stress and sleep, vitality and immunity.

More attentive to the impacts on the body and health, buyers will favor natural compositions and turn away from “miracle recipes” or targeted. Treatments related to beauty or purely aesthetics are losing speed: for example, the slimming cure market no longer has the wind in its sails and this decreasing trend is accentuated.

Essential oils

The product that was previously part of a niche is now a winning product in terms of beauty and well-being: essential oil no longer has to prove its legitimacy.

According to the 2019 Future Market Insights study, the global aromatherapy (essential oil) market was estimated at more than 3 billion euros in the same year.

These elixirs mix with different substances in order to be able to concoct beauty products or more respectful household products yourself.

In addition to selling essential oil from defined plants, the key will be to offer complementary products to customers on your online store. Finally, your platform will be complete after adding all the articles regarding the benefits of the products and tips.

Finally, favor plant productions Made in France by highlighting local producers: the consumer is, and will remain, sustainably in search of meaning in his purchases.

Gua Sha, roller and face brush: tools for the face

All these new beauty accessories have been highlighted on social networks. With a beauty trend linked to naturalness and ancestral techniques, these rollers and other utensils for the face allow the skin to tighten, to energize, towards more hydration and a visible, lasting rejuvenation.

Far from chemicals selling a certain “lifting effect”, these tools are more of the order of skin gymnastics, a technical and physical approach, less chemical. Products composed of specific stones, related to lithotherapy, a sector in vogue and items to offer in addition to your essential oils, right?

Sports trendy products

Many sports equipment can be purchased on the Internet. Purchases often more advantageous than in physical store in terms of price, but for quality?

By offering a good balance between quality and price, you can easily make a difference!

Sports brews, leggings: women’s outfits

Far from basic products and accessories, colorful, designer women’s sportswear has become an indisputable trend, especially on Instagram.

Many brands were born on social networks, offering sets for quality sport with different colors and patterns, new, in tune with the times.

The time for clothing and accessories that are only breathable and functional is over: customers are now looking to combine comfort and style, all with superior quality and reduced prices.

A challenge to take up, provided you find innovative, exemplary materials, while keeping reasonable costs, or address irreproachable dropshipping suppliers!

To do this, by looking in searches and top products Google Shopping or on Amazon, you will be able to see the existing products on the market. Instagram will also be a good benchmark, analyzing the partnerships of the most popular influencers in France and abroad.

Shorts, t-shirts: men’s sportswear

Men’s sports practice also requires its clothes, its accessories, and with it, its trend.

Men’s products are acclaimed by customers always looking for innovation, breathability and broken prices.

Because the sports equipment market is already well invested by the giants of the sector, with sometimes very high prices, between the sports product and the trendy urban ready-to-wear.

Boxing, running, tennis, football, etc.: all sports require specific products. But, often, each discipline will be able to propose articles that can be worn in all circumstances.

Thus, putting online a collection only technical can make you lose a few points in the hearts of customers. Like major brands, offer a varied catalog of shorts, t-shirts, jogging, etc., with adapted storytelling.

Yoga mats, gourd, connected watch, everything for cycling: accessories for sports

Idea to stand out from the crowd and arouse the interest of the consumer: to offer practical products, ingenious accessories for sports practice.

More and more users are opting for individual sports practice, at home or with the help of a coach. Thus, dumbbells, gourds, yoga mats, weights, elastics, or the whole world of cycling will be items to favor on your shop or dropshipping.

Connected watches are also a flagship product to offer on its platform: sales are exploding. But in the world of sport, it is the bike that has the wind in its sails, driven by high-tech solutions and the adaptation of cities to urban practice. The marketing evolution of this product has opened the doors to novices, motivated every day by the practicality of cycling, as well as to new followers of the competition.

The bike market in France jumped by 25% in 2020,according to the Union Sport & Cycle, representing the bike industry in France. The number of bikes sold has remained stable, but the multiplication of repairers and specialists installed has allowed the sector to grow. Also, technology has given a new lease of life to cycling thanks to the trend of the electric bike.

Trendy smartphone products

Connected phones are associated with many complementary accessories. Shells, chargers, pedestals, lights… Dozens of products for all mobiles!

Smartphone covers

In recent years, phone covers have not lost their importance in the sphere of bestsellers of online shops and dropshipping. On Amazon, AliExpress or Google Shopping, many trends stand out.

Nevertheless, only products that are the subject of a real marketing strategy are today essential references. The evolution of the simple phone shell quickly accelerated by transforming the smartphone, an all-in-one object, into a real fashion accessory.

Thus, phone covers with shoulder strap to carry your phone on the shoulder or across are very fashionable, enough to give you ideas to find keys to success in e-commerce, provided you do not explode your prices.

Bright LED rings

Sites specializing in smartphone accessories have flourished in recent years but are constantly evolving on the market.

Today, the phone has become the must-have tool for content creators and users of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok.

Beautiful photos, quality videos or product focus… As an e-merchant, you must definitely have an led ring in your professional environment!

This product sells at all prices on Amazon or Google Shopping. So, by comparing all these prices and setting a reasonable price for products of different sizes and appearances, you can certainly stand out from the crowd!

The whole thing is to carry out your SEO strategy and opt for a well-targeted marketing campaign!

Wireless induction chargers

These small trays are a revolution in the sphere of high-tech. Compatible smartphones are now equipped with the possibility of charging by induction, that is, only by being placed on a specialized basis.

This technology has undergone a meteoric evolution, in particular by being integrated into everyday life, especially in new cars.

These compact chargers are available in various colors, shapes. This still niche sector is likely to explode in the coming months and years. A bright idea for your shop on the Internet or your dropshipping platform!

Trendy products for office and telework

With the crisis of this year 2020, the trend of teleworking has spread to the entire planet, a model of work that has become the norm.

Consumers are always looking for high-performance and comfortable equipment.

Ergonomic offices

The world of the office has become omnipresent in the daily lives of users. The office as a piece of furniture is central. Thus, proposing original designs while thinking about the ergonomics of the object is essential to carry out your business.

Specific, this piece of furniture must tick several characteristics to satisfy the searches of Internet users. Several colors available, a flexible and tailor-made delivery method, remarkable quality for an affordable price: all these characteristics will be keys that can arouse the interest of the consumer.

Any innovative ideas in this area can be beneficial to your online store.

Telework chairs

In addition to the desks, the chair designed for teleworkers will be essential. Here again, the difficulty lies in the fact of finding an ergonomic, aesthetic armchair, all offered for delivery with qualitative carriers.

The entire world of the office will allow the customer looking for products dedicated to teleworking to turn to your shop.

If your SEO strategy, your marketing strategy or your various Ads campaigns on social networks and on Google are conducted in the right way, respecting the right acquisition levers, you will be quickly positioned as one of the reference sites.

Desk lamp

This year 2020 marked a turning point in user searches. Thus, to perfect his shopping list at the office level, the interest of the consumer will certainly turn to the lamp, one of the keys to a good concentration in teleworking.

Led, light bulb, wireless, touch, wired … As long as your proposed product is of quality and at affordable prices, the most difficult will not be to please but rather to make you known on the Internet.

With these different products for the office, the idea will be to offer a niche online store, with an exemplary delivery service to build customer loyalty, but also to offer personalized advice on a blog dedicated to teleworking.

Your SEO strategy will be able to evolve your platform and increase your online sales! It’s up to you to find the right partners, service providers, and the right brands.

Trendy products and high-tech accessories

High-tech accessories are among the bestsellers in all categories. Discover the flagship products, provided you choose your brands and partners!

Bluetooth speakers

In terms of connectivity, bluetooth connected speakers have always seduced and still seduce as much. Practical, they allow you to listen to music and podcasts anywhere, outdoors or indoors.

Moreover, manufacturers now offer two types of bluetooth speakers, for the home or for the outdoors, with different characteristics depending on the location.

If major brands sell very advanced products at high prices, some specialized suppliers will be able to show you their items at much more attractive prices.

These bluetooth accessories will be ideas to integrate into your online store or to consider in dropshipping, even to set up at the heart of your cross-selling strategy because the products can arouse the interest of consumers very easily.

Augmented reality headset

The evolution of augmented reality is ultra fast. The more the years go by, the more proposals there are and the more affordable the prices become for the majority of consumers.

That’s why the augmented reality headset has become a must-have piece of the connected universe. Everyone dreams of projecting themselves into a new universe,another part of the world, an imaginary place. That’s what this headset allows.

Compatible with most bluetooth devices in the home, consumers are looking for this tool at affordable rates for good quality. What if you became a referent in this field on the Internet?


Smartphones are today the central tool of a large number of ancillary devices. Smartwatches are now must-have devices for users.

These bluetooth watches are able to give the time, yes, but also to read text messages, give your heart rate, or answer calls.

At all prices, you can find copies at lower rates but be careful with the quality!

You can make a difference if you find the right supplier at the right price, with free shipping to help build customer loyalty. A well-established strategy can explode your turnover!

Trendy products for the home

Decoration, gift, kitchen … The interior is looking to the future and consumers are looking for meaning in their purchases, even gadgets!

Jewel candle and scented candle

The year 2020 was an opportunity for consumers to stay at home and thus rediscover their interior.

Scented candles are trendy, especially when they are made by small producers, based on vegetable or floral oil.

Beyond the only scented candle, classic, one of the flagship products in dropshipping was the jewel candle: inside the wax is a jewel, delivered once the candle is fully consumed.

A gift idea of the most beautiful effect, but also an idea for your Ads campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks!

Led deco adhesive tapes

The led is an economical energy resource for households. To give pep’s to its interior decoration, enchant a classic piece of furniture or add light in its closets, led adhesive tape is the best choice.

This gadget is as practical as it is decorative: in yellow light or with color drives, this object allows you to twist styles within a room.

The plus: some manufacturers offer connected adhesive led tapes to control the light intensity and colors from your phone. Practical and aesthetic!

Reusable and ecological straws

Plastic straws have a disastrous effect on the environment. This is why establishments are now prohibited from serving their drinks with these objects and supermarkets can no longer sell this product.

Consumers are alerted to the dangers of disposable plastic for the planet and the environment. This is why manufacturers offer a large number of reusable and recyclable straw styles.

Shell, avocado core, cardboard, bamboo or metal: depending on your preferences, all qualities exist, disposable or not, for very different prices. These products are more than sales trends, they are also sustainable solutions to adopt in your consumption habits!

Trendy products for children

Back to basics for childhood-related purchases. For gifts and happy events, the games disconnect and become collectors. A pleasure shared by young and old!

Wooden toys

Vintage is one of the trends acclaimed by parents, especially with regard to their children’s toys.

Moving away from screens and returning to simple activities become necessary for little ones sometimes disturbed by the influence of technology on their evolution. Thus, by offering beautiful wooden toys, parents will be able to enjoy beautiful objects while allowing their children a healthy fulfillment.

To ensure a winning collaboration, favor French creators who have kept a traditional know-how: their objects will be as solid as appreciated by all young parents!

Gift boxes for babies

The early childhood and childcare markets are sectors to keep in mind when you want to launch your shop on the Internet. With themes, many products are available for sale, but one product works in all circumstances: the baby gift box.

With this box, including an infant kit to carry everywhere, many advantages are offered to the e-merchant: it is an excellent birth gift, or birthday gift.

Thus, in terms of SEO, these boxes will be able to position themselves on requests such as “boy birth gift”, “baby birthday gift”, “little boy Christmas gift”, etc. Depending on the targeted query, you can position all your infant kits.

If the SEO advantages are there, another acquisition option is available to you. If you specialize in selling this type of item, consider offering birth or baptism lists to give your customers the opportunity to make all their purchases on your store.

Educational toys

Awakening games will also be levers for loyalty or acquisition of new customers. Indeed, young parents are always looking for the best products to support the growth of their children.

One of the best sellers on AliExpress in 2020 was an educational toy, dedicated to young and old, to fight anxiety and promote concentration. A small object made up of rows of capsules to return: a basic concept that has seduced tens of thousands of players.

With this type of object, you will be able to give your customers the opportunity to fill their cart more, especially if you offer this kind of product in cross-selling.

Whether you want to add categories to your e-commerce or simply start your e-merchant business, knowing product trends is a central point so you don’t get it wrong.

Beyond a good reading of the market, your strategies of acquisition of traffic and conversion are to work in parallel to reference you on carrier queries and then target a potential clientele.

SEO, marketing, communication: it’s up to you to increase your impact on the public through your products and your internal work. It’s up to you!