Some Memory Of The Nuances Of The Children.

What defines a good memory? All intellectual activity of the human brain depends on this factor. High memory of a young child affects the colloquial term function and the subsequent successes of the development of speech. The educational process will be given easier if the parents have well-developed memory in childhood. This development should start from a very young age.

Holds a child to name all the surrounding things. Nursery rhymes and songs will develop auditory memory, accompanied with simple movements. A child quickly realizes this and starts to repeat, if you do it often. In the period up to four years of experience involuntary memory, that is, the child remembers everything without a conscious purpose. The fastest way to memorize the things and processes that he liked. What, then, means to develop the memory of the little man? The easiest and most effective is the ability of the game since it is the main form of preschool activities.

That is the only information perceived by different people in different ways. There are visuals, there audibly and have kinesthetic. The former is a better developed visual memory, in auditory, and still others are good at remembering all through contact. The problem is that parents do not always correctly recognize the type of your child’s memory. If you offer different game approaches, the memory will be developed to diversify. Here are some examples of educational games.
“What’s gone.” I need to be expanded before the child few things, a few seconds to see the child at these things, and then closed his eyes, to hide one of the things. What exactly do you have hidden is the main task of this game.

“Memory”. Semi.Na game for the whole playing surface laid out several pairs of pictures, is given a few seconds to memorize. Pictures flipped and shuffled itask is to find as much relevant cards as possible.

“The story of the picture.” Take any image of anything. a few seconds, a child looks at her, then the picture is removed and the child asks questions about some details of the pictures. The goal of the game to give as much accurate answers possible. After comparing these answers with the original.