Top 10 Most Expensive Submarines – Cost Details

Most Expensive Submarines in the world – Get top 10 list of these submarines.

Most Expensive Submarines

Submarines are a class of ships capable of unobtrusively approaching enemy positions or attacking from great distances. But not every state can afford to have such boats and its fleet mostly due to their high prices today we will list the 10 most expensive submarines in the world.However you can also read our Top 10 Deepest Diving Submarines list

Most Expensive Submarines in the world – Top 10

10. Kilo-class submarine

Kilo-class submarine

The Russian kilo class submarine was first introduced in service in the early 1980s. Subsequent submarine developments have led to this current production versions. The type 877 ekm and most recently the type 636 24 kilo class submarines are in service in the Russian navy. The type 636 has six 533 millimeter torpedo tubes and carries 18 heavyweight torpedoes with an automatic rapid loader. The submarine has a launcher for h strela-3 or egoless surface-to-air missiles. The cost of one submarine Varsha Avianca project 636 is approximately 300 million dollars.

9. Soryu class submarine

Soryu class submarine

The Soryu class diesel-electric submarines are being built by Kawasaki shipbuilding corporation and Mitsubishi heavy industries for the japan maritime self-defense force. The soryu class is fitted with six hu 606 533 millimeter torpedo tubes for type 89 torpedoes and ugm 84 harpoon anti-ship missiles. The harpoon has a range of over 124 kilometers and a speed of 864 kilometers an hour. The cost of one such submarine is 536 million dollars.

8. Borei class submarine

Borei class submarine

The Borei class is a Russian fourth-generation nuclear-powered missile submarine.It is intended to eventually replace the aging delta 3 anti-free class submarines and become an important deterrent for the Russian navy. The Bulava SLBM which is based on the top all end design is being fitted onto the Borei class submarines .the submarine also carries six of the ss and 15 missiles. Each ss n 15 is a 533 millimeter caliber anti-ship missile that has a range of 45 kilometers and is capable of being fitted with a 20-kiloton warhead or a tight 40 torpedo. The cost of one submarine of the project 955 Borei is 713 million dollars.

7. Los Angeles-class submarine

Los Angeles-class submarine

The Los Angeles-class submarines were the most successful american submarines of the cold war. The united states built 62 Los Angeles-class submarines. The Los angeles-class submarine is an attack submarine equipped for gathering show of force missions,anti-submarine warfare intelligence, strike missions,insertion of special forces, mining and search-and-rescue. Los angeles-class submarines are equipped with a vertical launch missile system with 12 launch tubes. The cost of one such submarine is 1.5 billion dollars.

6. The akula-class

The akula-class

971 shaka B, The Russian navy has 14 project 971 submarines known in the west as the Akula-class nuclear-powered submarines a number of Russian Akula class submarines are deployed in the pacific region. The akula-class carries up to 12 granite submarine-launched cruise missiles .The missiles are fired from the 533 millimeter torpedo launch tubes. The granite has a range of about 3,000 kilometers and delivers a 200 kiloton warhead.The cost of creating one such submarine is 1.55 billion dollars

5. Yasin class submarines

Yasin class submarines

Number 5 Most Expensive Submarines is 885 Yasin. Yasin class submarines are being built by russia’s sev mass shipyard for the Russian navy. The submarines are being developed as part of project 885 Yasin and are preceded by the Akula class. The submarines can be deployed in anti-surface warfare,anti-submarine warfare,surveillance operations and special missions. The submarine is capable to launch long-range cruise missiles with nuclear warheads against land-based targets and submarines surface warships. The submarine has 8 vertical launching system tubes for launching cruise missiles. The cost of one such submarine is 1.6 billion dollars.

4. Astute-class submarine

Astute-class submarine

Astute, the royal navy’s astute-class submarine is a nuclear-powered attack submarine which will replace the five swift short class submarines which were launched between 1973 and 1977.Now approaching the end of their operational life. The astute is equipped with the tomahawk block for cruise missile from Raytheon fired from the 533 millimeter torpedo tubes. The tomahawk has a range of up to 1,000 miles in a maximum velocity of 550 miles per hour. The cost of one astute-class submarine is 1.8 billion dollars.

3. Ohio-class submarine

Ohio-class submarine

The next Most Expensive Submarines in the world is The Ohio-class submarine.It serves the united states navy as a virtually undetectable undersea launch platform of intercontinental missiles. In the year 1981 and 1997 ,the electric boat division of general dynamics based at Groton connecticut has built total 18 Ohio submarines. The ohio-class submarine has trident strategic ballistic missile from lockheed martin missiles and space. The ohio-class submarine has the capacity for 24 trident missiles tubes in two rows of 12. The dimensions of the trident to missile are one thousand three hundred and sixty centimeters long with a diameter of 210 centimeters. The weight is fifty nine thousand kilograms. The construction of one such submarine costs 2.86 billion dollars.

2. Virginia-class Submarine

Virginia-class Submarine

The Virginia-class new attack submarine is an advanced stealth multi-mission nuclear-powered submarine for deep ocean anti-submarine warfare and littoral operations. The submarine is equipped with 12 vertical missile launch tubes and for 533 millimeter torpedo tubes. The vertical launching system has the capacity to launch 16 tomahawks submarine-launched cruise missiles in a single salvo. There is capacity for up to 26 heavyweight torpedoes and sub harpoon anti-ship missiles to be fired from the 21 inch torpedo tubes. The cost of one virginia-class submarine is 3.2 billion dollars.

1. Seawolf-class submarine

Seawolf-class submarine

The sea wolf was conceived as a faster better armed eventual replacement for the Los angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarines .the sea wolf was a product of the cold war conceived to maintain the usa’s acoustic advantage over soviet submarines. Like the improved Los Angeles-class the sea wolf does not have any external weapons. The submarine is armed with both the anti-ship version of the tomahawk missile from Raytheon and surface attack . The land attack tomahawk has a range of 2,500 kilometers. The sea wolf class also carries the harpoon anti-ship missile from Boeing. A sub harpoon uses active radar homing to deliver a 225 kilogram warhead. The range is 130 kilometers and travels at high subsonic speeds. The cost of construction for one such submarine is 5 billion dollars.

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