The Main Criteria For The Selection Of School Shoes For Girls

Before the start of the new school year for all parents to face a choice not only office supplies but also shoes for her daughter. How do you choose from the variety of models? The most important criterion should be safety.

The safest and quality pictures for making shoes is leather. In the shoes of a child’s foot man-made materials will sweat profusely, is weak air circulation, may have feet of illness and subsequent problems, so you should just give up the choice of such shoes. Good sole thermoplastic is an excellent option for the active life of the child, also a good deep tread reduces the possibility of slipping. To determine the quality of the sole it is necessary to bend from side to side (it should be soft, flexible, and must keep the shape). Note that there is a wide range of school shoes that you can buy at a reasonable price.

It is also worth thinking about the obstacle dislocation of foot and chooses the school girly shoes with good heel fixed. That was not rubbing your fingers, you need a fairly large indoor sock. In the selection of the height of the heel should be remembered about the age of the girl, as a high heel can break the spine work if it is not the age of twelve; high heels worn for a short time due to rapid fatigue legs. Chinese production model should be immediately excluded from the selection. A large number of shoes produced with the addition of various formal and other toxic compounds.

Good demand for shoes for girls causes a good offer of different models. Academic achievement of the child depends on the comfort in their studies, choose comfortable shoes for girls is very important. If you follow all the rules of the shoe of choice, then your daughter will never have problems with feet. It should also take into account the personal interests of the girls because if she does not like a particular model, the child does not want to go into them in school or will be a very long time to get ready. For girls especially important current fashion, and that your child would not be ashamed to go to school, you need to choose from a collection of new models of school shoes