Liquid Stone – A Promising Material To Replace Natural Counterparts

Liquid stone – a unique composite. It is made of a polyester resin (natural or synthetic) with the addition of fillers (colored sand, quartz, marble chips, or other). Due to its low production cost and ease of manufacture of liquid stone products quickly saturate the market, and it should be said that they are in high demand! What is special liquid stone, and what are the advantages of this material? Answers to these questions can be found later in this article.

Note that the liquid stone – a composite material. The main component of its composition is a polyester resin binder. It is added to the quartz sand, natural stone chippings and other excipients. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, and the mass is poured into a special forms, which hardens, forms a finished product. The final polishing ensures perfect smoothness and lustrous appearance of the coating. Liquid stone production cost is minimal and does not require the use of modern equipment, so manufacturers offer a wide range of products from cast stones at very reasonable prices.

• Plastic material. The ability to create unique composite articles – countertops, tubs, sinks, shower stall base, etc. In the composition of the composite can be added harmless colorants and other substances that give the product a unique appearance..
• High durability. The hardness of the stone during solidification.
• Ideal smoothness. Due to the absence of pores and cracks, avoids the formation of mold and mildew, odor aesthetics or breaking the product. In addition, injection of stone is easy to care for.
• Excellent performance. The material is resistant to aggressive substances, changes in temperature, humidity.
• Comfortable use. Low thermal conductivity makes the material “warm” to the touch.Smooth surface – velvety to the touch. The high hardness and sufficient thickness, in turn, exclude loud sound from the jets or water droplet.