How To Accelerate The Metabolism Of Your Body

We all probably have a boyfriend or girlfriend, who eat everything you want without gaining extra weight. The reason – the rapid metabolism. All he had inherited, one accelerated metabolism, others, unfortunately, slow metabolism, it is so people have to resort to using a variety of anti-obesity agents. And since the rate of metabolism depends partly on a person’s weight, the first case is a great advantage. Fast metabolism is one of the points to which people aspire to slimming, or those who simply want to keep your body in shape. Fortunately, the question of how to disperse metabolism can be solved by following the below-mentioned tips.

Acceleration of metabolism with the help of Sports

Sports and more specifically aerobic exercise contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. Occupation intense – the faster your metabolism. You can enroll in a gym or just go to the stadium in the morning or in the evening. Of course, the fit and cycling. Try to find at this time, and in a month you will notice permanent employment at the acceleration of metabolism.

To disperse metabolism drink plenty of fluids

Everyone knows that in the day you need to drink a certain amount of water to support metabolism. It is pure water instead of other beverages. Each time before you sit down at the table (for 10-15 minutes), drink 1-2 glasses of water. So you definitely will eat less.

After exiting the table should not drink so as not to reduce the concentration of gastric juice. It is recommended to drink cold water, because the body is at its warming spends more energy. But do not overdo it and do not earn a sore throat. The water you drink should be clean from trusted sources.

Invigorating ingredients: caffeine and taurine

These products are dispersing metabolism found in energy drinks. They can be harmful to the kidneys and enamel, lead to sleep disturbances and the regime, as well as a negative impact on blood pressure. But these substances speed up metabolism acceleration.

How to accelerate the metabolism Valid snacks

How to accelerate metabolism and thus tasty to eat. The basic rule for the acceleration of metabolism – eat often, and fractional. That is, you do not eat three times and tight, they are used to, and sit down at the table up to six times per day and snack in small portions. Necessarily healthy food. This will help many online forums and recipes nutrition, as well as a ready-made menu which includes all products dispersing metabolism. You will understand that it is not only useful but also very tasty. Forget the rule of “do not eat after six.” You do not eat for three hours before bedtime. Kefir is permitted for two hours. These are the basic rules of how to accelerate metabolism and at the same time, there are tasty and healthy.

Hot spices and seasonings to disperse metabolism

They contain natural chemicals that enhance the acceleration of metabolism. Start adding in the food red pepper or chili. Taken daily in small amounts, it will be of great benefit. It helps both accelerate metabolism and uluchschit secretion of gastric juice to improve raschepleniya proteins and fats. Just to the products metabolism acceleration can tnesti ginger. You can add ginger root, including a hammer in tea. The course will also cinnamon. With a teaspoon of this spice can drink kefir, if such a mixture will have your taste. Acceleration of metabolism with these products would be more effective. The main thing – do not overdo it, as this may result in problems with the stomach. For this reason, the way of spices is not suitable for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Acceleration of metabolism with the help of protein foods

Protein is not only useful for the muscles, it also has a positive effect on the acceleration of metabolism. It is because of his body does not get fat, and amino acids, which are material for muscle building. Their digestion of the body spends more energy than the processing of carbohydrates, therefore the use of protein foods burn more calories and acceleration of metabolism becomes more efficient.

Protein is found in lean fish, loin (white), poultry meat, cheese, tofu, beans, nuts and eggs. Speaking of the past: a day should consume no more than 3-4 egg yolks.

Acceleration of metabolism with the help of Black Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then this item is for you. Since in this invigorating drink contains caffeine, which is a product to disperse metabolized. However, do not overdo it, it can be bad for health. In case only black coffee will go without milk and sugar (fructose and sweeteners, too, will not work).

Acceleration of metabolism with the help of Green Tea

Green tea and oolong tea is not only useful for everyday use, but also to the training. On it you will burn 17% more calories after drinking tea. The simple life of this drink accelerates the metabolism for several hours. It is justified by the presence of theine in tea. It is widely believed that green tea, along with water, can be included in the daily rate of the fluid.

Any mono- and radical diets

No diet associated with reduced calorie intake to a minimum, do not lead to a good result. Acceleration of metabolism will slow down because the body will think that it is “hard times”, and begin to delay kilograms reserve. When you return to the old diet, you will gain again thrown the weight, though twice the amount. Could be in trouble with the stomach, skin, nails, and hair. Thus, this option does not carry any good.

Acceleration of metabolism – it is not one day, to this aim for a long time, using different exercises and the correct regular diet which includes foods dispersing metabolism. Many people are not always the right approach to the issue of accelerating the metabolism of your body, and sometimes even manage to harm their health and digestion, and then forced to use various means to raise the body’s health