Heavy Lift Cargo Helicopters,Payload Capacity – Top 10

Heavy Lift Cargo Helicopters

Most military helicopters are used for carrying personnel or equipment to various locations which is why they’re made so large. Some helicopters have BIG size while others are big in payload capacities. So in today’s post we would list the heavy lift cargo helicopters or military transport helicopters in the world. This list do not include how the copters are currently being developed are those which have been decommissioned. It only includes production cargo helicopters they’re currently in service.

Heavy Lift Cargo Helicopters List

10. Mil Mi-8MT Helicopter

Number one heavy lift cargo helicopter in the world is mil mi-8 mt also known as HIP according to NATO mil mi-8.it is a twin turbine helicopter originally designed by the soviet union and now produced by Russia. It has a length of point 18.4 meters in an empty weight of , 7,000 100 kilograms and the mil mi-8 has a capacity of for 12 passengers or , 4000 kilograms on internal hardpoints. It can also carry external payload of 4 tonnes of 4000 kilograms.

Mil Mi-8MT Length: 18.4 m/60.3 .ft
Empty Weight: 7100 kg/ 15,653 lb
Gross Weight: 11,100 kg/24,471 lb
MTOW: 13,000 kg/28,660 lb
Internal Payload: 4 tons/4000 kg

9. EC725 Caracal Helicopter

At number 9 we have Eurocopter EC725 Caracol. It is not called airbus helicopters h2 to 5m which is a long-range tactical transport military helicopter developed from the eurocopter as550 to cougar for military use. Having a length and weight of 19 point meters and 5330 kilograms, it is a twin-engine aircraft which can carry up to 28 c the troops along with 2 crew. It can also carry external payload of 4.5 tonnes

EC725 Caracal Length: 19.5 ►n/64 ft
Empty Weight: 5330 kg/ 11,751 lb
Gross Weight: 11,000 kg/24,251 lb
MTOW: 11,200 kg/24,692 lb
Internal Payload: 5.6 tons/5670 kg

8. Changhe Z-18 Helicopter

Up next at number eight, we have the Changhe z-18. This is a medium transport helicopter developed by shanghai aircraft industries corporation to replace the za. It has a length 23 meters and a weight of 4.5 tonnes. This new z18 has more internal space and can carry more payload and has overall better performance at higher altitude and temperature. In the transport role the z18 is operated by a crew of two and can transport up to 4000 kilograms internally or 5000 kilograms externally.

Changhe Z-18 Length: 23 m/75 ft
Empty Weight: 9800 kg/21605 lb
Gross Weight: >12,000 kg/26445 lb
MTOW: 13,800 kg/30423 lb
Internal Payload: 4 tons/4000 kg

7. AW101 Helicopter

At number seven comes Agustawestland aw101 which is a medium lift helicopter used in both military and civil applications. It was developed by a joint venture between Westland helicopters in the united kingdom and Augusta in Italy in response to national requirements for modern naval utility helicopter. The aw 101 is operated by a crew of three to four and can transport up to three thousand fifty kilograms internally or five thousand five hundred twenty kilograms externally.

AW101 Length: 19.5 ►/64 ft
Empty Weight: 10,500 kg/23,I49 lb
Gross Weight: 14,600 kg/32,I87 lb
MTOW: 15,600 kg/34,390 lb
Internal Payload: 3.05 tons/3050 kg

6. Mil Mi-38 Helicopter

At Number six positioned heavy lift cargo helicopter in the world is the mil mi-38 designed by mill Moscow helicopter plant and is being developed by kazan helicopters. It is being marketed in both military and civil versions. Having a length of 19.95 metres and the weight of 10,500 kilograms, this helicopter is operated by a crew of two and can carry up to five thousand kilograms internally and six thousand kilograms externally.

Mil Mi-38 Length: 19.9 m/65.5 _ft
Empty Weight: 10,500 kg/23,148 lb
Gross Weight: 14,200 kg/31,306 lb
MTOW: 15,600 kg/34,392 lb
Internal Payload: 5 tons/5000 kg

5. SA 321 Super Frelon Helicopter

At number five we have listed Aérospatiale SA 321 cargo helicopter, which has 3 super Frelon engine heavy transport helicopter are produced in France. Having a length 23 metres and a weight of 6863 kilograms. It is operated by a crew of five and can carry 27 passengers or 15 stretchers. It held a distinction of being the most powerful helicopter to be built in Europe at one point as well as being the world’s fastest helicopter. Talking about its payload capacity it can carry 5000 kilograms internally in six thousand four hundred kilograms externally.

SA 321 Super Frelon Length: 23 m/75.6 ft
Empty Weight: 6863 kg/15,130 lb
Gross Weight: 12,000 kg/26,455 lb
MTOW: 13,000 kg/28,660 lb
Internal Payload: 5 tons/5000 kg

4. CH-47F Helicopter

Number four heavy lift cargo helicopter is the Boeing ch-47 shinnok. This is an american twin-engine tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter developed by american rotorcraft company vertol and manufactured by boeing vertol. Having a length of 30 metres and a weight of 11148 kilograms, it is among the heaviest lifting western helicopters which is operated by a crew of 3 and can carry 33 to 55 troops. It has an internal payload capacity of ten point nine tons and an external payload capacity of twelve point seven tonnes .

CH-47F Chinook Length: 30 m/98 ft
Empty Weight: 11,148 kg/24,578 lb
Gross Weight: —20,000 kg/44,092 4.
MTOW: 22,680 kg/50,000 lb i
Internal Payload: 10.9 tons/10,900 kg

3. CH-53E Helicopter

At number three perfectly deserved Sikorsky ch-53e super stallion. This is a heavy lift helicopter built by sikorsky aircraft for the united states marine corps. It has a length of 30 meters and a weight of 15,071 kilograms.  It is operated by a crew of five and has a capacity of carrying 30 troops with new crash attenuating seats. Coming to its payload it can withstand the weight of thirteen thousand six hundred eight kilograms internally and can lift an object having a weight of not more than 16 thousand kilograms or 16.3 tons

CH-53E Super Stallion Length: 30 m/98 ft
Empty Weight: 15,071 kg/33,226 lb
Gross Weight: —30,000 kg/66,138 lb
MTOW: 33,339 kg/73,500 lb
Internal Payload: 13.6 tons/13,608 kg

2. Mil Mi-10 Helicopter

At number two we have mill mi-10 nato reporting name is hark. It is a soviet military transport helicopter of flying crane configuration developed from the mi 6 entering service in 1963. It has a length of 33 metres and a weight of 27,100 kilograms. The mil mi is operated by a crew of four of five pilots and it has the capacity to carry 28 passengers or 3000 kilograms internally. But for external payload it can carry up to 15.4 tonnes of object.

Mil Mi-10 Length: 33 m/108 ft
Empty Weight: 27,100 kg/59,745 lb
Gross Weight: 43,550 kg/96,01I 11
MTOW: 43,700 kg/96,342 lb
Internal Payload: 3 tons/3000 kg ‘

1. Mil Mi-26 Helicopter

Now the most heavy lift cargo helicopter in the world is none other than the mil mi-26, also known as halo according to nato. It is a soviet or Russian heavy transport helicopter operated by both military and civilian operators and it is the largest and most powerful helicopters who have gone into serial production. Its length measures 40 meters and weighs 28,200 kilograms. It is operated by a crew of five and can carry 90 troops 10,000 kilograms internally. While its external payload capacity is 20,000 kilograms or 20 tonnes.

Mil Mi-26 Length: 40 m/I31 ft
Empty Weight: 28,200 kg/62,170 lb
Gross Weight: 49,600 kg/109,349 lb
MTOW: 56,000 kg/I23,459 lb
Internal Payload: 10 tons/10,000 kg

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