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Gamestop Order Tracking Information – Gamestop is a popular consumer electronics, video game and wireless service in America.Over 6.8 million people love to shop with them.They have more than 7,500 stores in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA.At Gamestop, you can explore all latest game, PC hardware, and innovative technology.The company mainly specialized in Buy-Sell-Trade, Game Retail, Mobile Electronics,  Collectibles, Downloadable Content and Loyalty Programs.Here in this tutorial, we will shoe how Gamestop Tracking service works for checking order status.


What do I need to do to start tracking order status?
All customers who registered at Gamestop can track latest order shipment status after placing an order.Therefore, you need first place an order and make the payment successfully.When your order is processed, you will receive order confirmation through email.The email message contains the order number which later you need to track the status.

Gamestop official tracking URL

Gamestop Order Tracking Steps

Before following the tracking steps you should know how you have placed the order.if you order using guest check post or from the direct store, you can check the order details in two ways:

  1. Email address and order confirmation number – here with this method you have to submit your email ID and order confirmation ID.Now click on “Order Lookup” button to view the order delivery details.
  2. Email address and credit card details – This is applied for “Store order”.Enter your email address that you provided at the time of billing.You also require your Last 4 digits of credit card number and expiration date.

gamestop order tracking status

How to track order status from account dashboard?

This is also very simple tracking method to know order details.Almost all online transactions use this service to check shipment details.It has few steps that you need to follow:

  • Login to account dashboard of Gamestop
  • Now from the left menu bar check the order history page.You can also check out the store/Guest order details from the drop down menu.It shows order number, order date, shipping person total amount and tracking number.
  • Copy the tracking number and track item

What is GameStop order status closed Descriptions?

This refers shipment failed to the recipient or returned from the receiver.If a customer wants replacement or refund for any damage issue then status shows “closed”.

Order status open

This order yer to be shipped or for any reason awaiting for shipment delivery.

Tracking APP

You can find Gamestop tracking app in Google play store and Apple Itunes.Using this app you can find stores, opening hours, phone numbers, nearby locations and driving directions.Download links are provided below:

  1. Download Gamestop APP from Google Play Store
  2. Download Gamestop APP from Apple Itunes Store

Gamestop customer service 

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