Digital Media Marketing – 7 Different Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Media Marketing – Learn different internet marketing strategy and types.

Digital Media Marketing,7 Different Types of Digital Marketing

You have got a product, you need marketing.You have got service, you need marketing. Even if your service comes under non-profit or charity,still you need marketing. But since traditional marketing is not that much effective like before, people are shifting for digital marketing. The marketing delivered to digital channels like google Facebook, YouTube, Instagram even TikTok. Whatever you can think of no doubt there are multiple forms of digital marketing which we will discuss in this post. But now the question is which form of digital marketing you should choose ?

Digital marketing can be defined as the marketing of products or services delivered through digital platforms like websites social media email search mobile applications or any new digital channel. Well that’s our way of defining, but different people have a different opinion and their way of defining and categorizing digital marketing and as you know the name of this podcast is digital marketing made easy and yes we like to keep things simple and easy so we will first explain the various forms of digital marketing that are popularly known and then we will explain how we categorize digital marketing in a simple way so that you don’t feel it complex.Finally you will uncover which of the various forms of digital marketing should you choose.

Digital marketing is basically marketing delivered through digital channel.s so depending upon the digital channels people categorize it into forms like sales marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing affiliate or referral marketing, text-based marketing and radio or television media marketing. So first know what are these let’s start with

Types Of Digital Media Marketing

7. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search marketing is a type of marketing,which is performed with the help of top search engines like Google,Bing etc.When you search for something in Google , Bing or any other search engine you must have noticed some ads on the search page considering the fact that you don’t have an ad blocker enabled on your browser or device. These ads are purchased from different search engone ad platform.For example,if you want to publish ads on Google ,you need to sign up for Google Adwords.There are other search engine ads network like Bing,Yandex and more.

Most of the search engines have their own digital advertising platform where people like us  can purchase ad space to get shown on the top of google search or other internet based properties like blog or website. Youtube or within any other apps. Well digital marketers,company or brands pay publisher for showing these ads based on the impression or clicks they get. That’s  why in the complex terms of paid advertising like this is often termed as paid per click or PPC. But search marketing is not limited to paid advertising all there is organic non-paid or you may call it free search marketing as well. Where you don’t have to pay for advertising and that type of search marketing is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO is basically optimizing your web page for search engines and people of course, so that you get listed higher in search engines and people may find your website or your business easily in the search. Now here is something you need to pay close attention . When you search something on google,you will see more than 10 results on the first page itself. Users click 97 out of 100 times one of the top three or top five search results. After clicking on that URL you land on any web page where you will get solution to your search query. It is same for every other searcher on the internet. People usually search in google or other search engines and then find a solution of whatever they are looking for.

The main of SEO is to optimize your web page for the first page rankings otherwise it will be hard for people to find you or your business. How do you rank on the first page? It’s simply by optimizing your web pages for search engines using various seo tactics and once you do that your website would start getting free traffic organically from search engines. So this is a free form of such marketing in which you don’t have to pay for clicks.However,if you have Shopify store, Learn How to Drive Free Traffic to Shopify Store

6. Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Let’s move on to the second type of digital marketing which is social media marketing. As the name says,social media marketing delivered through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest ,Snapchat,TikTok and many more. By the way Youtube and Pinterest are no longer social media these two have now become a popular search engine just like google.let’s not go into details about that right now but the point we want to convey here is we have good various social media platforms and whatever marketing is delivered through social media platforms is known as social media marketing.

Now just like search engine marketing, you can divide social media marketing further into two categories. Number one paid social media marketing which is marketing delivered through paid ads on social media. Number two free social media marketing uses free marketing delivered through consistent social media updates. It could be sharing like text ,pictures, video, stories whatever it is.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

All right, now moving on to the third type of digital marketing we have email marketing.this has existed for years and years so long that you may put it into traditional form marketing. In fact email marketing was there even before google was founded in 1998. Email marketing is still a very effective,it can be called evergreen marketing method. .so what is email marketing ?  Email marketing is a type of marketing,where you promote product or send notifications via Email.The email message is sent to consumer or subscribers according to specific niches..

If you visit top websites, you will see some email subscription box where they ask for your name and email in exchange for tutorials, training, downloads or simply free newsletter.when you enter the email you give the website owner permission to contact you via the webmaster may educate entertain and market or sell their products or services by communicating with you via the means of email. This entire process is the way email marketing works.the marketing delivered through email is email marketing.

Like digital marketing, email marketing can also be categorized into two types. Number one, free email marketing which we discussed just now.Number two is paid email marketing which is paid form of email marketing like solo ads which basically is advertising space purchased in someone else’s email newsletter.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Now let’s talk about the fourth type of digital marketing which is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing done by influencers using their digital influence. But you must be wondering what the heck this influencer term is  ?  Well anyone who has an influence over others is an influencer.You must have seen those celebs or popular people on the internet with a huge number of fans following those people are known as influencers.

So how does influencer marketing work  ? You find an influencer for your industry or niche.You convince them to promote your products or service by directly paying them or providing value to them. For example if you are a brand creating tech gadgets you will find some youtube influencers who post unboxing and review videos.Now offer them value by simply giving away free review units of your gadget and in return request them to promote your gadget on their Youtube channel.

Once they agree with your proposal, they will promote and you receive traffic and sales very fast. Your goal is to convince them because the influences can boost your marketing within a very short time.

3. Affiliate or Referral Marketing

Affiliate or Referral Marketing

The fifth type of digital marketing that we are going to share with you is quite similar to influencer marketing. But the only difference is that the person who is marketing for you, that person does not necessarily have to be an influencer. Affiliate marketing is like a joint venture where you pay a certain percentage of the amount of your sales to affiliate marketers who promote your products or services.This is known as affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing where both parties form a win-win relationship to help the cause of the other. Affiliate marketers helps you to boost sales by marketing or promoting your product. While you provide them with product and promotional materials like banners, affiliate tracking links, etc. So that they can earn commissions without having to create products themselves.But unlike other types of marketing there is no free marketing, here because if you don’t pay your affiliate and ask them to promote your product then no one will promote it .the only way to get them to promote your product and get referral sales is to offer some commission to Incentivize them.

2. Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Okay now we are getting toward the last two types of digital marketing and the sixth one is text message. You might have already received some spam text messages on your mobile phone. You define spam because you didn’t opt for their service. But what if it is specific to your interest and you opted for it that’s when this spam text messaging turns into an effective digital marketing campaign. So the point here is text message marketing is not a new thing but surprisingly many people are still not using this.

1. Radio or Television Media Marketing

Radio or Television Media Marketing

Okay so the last type of digital marketing is radio or television media soon as you heard the term radio you might be thinking  how can you put them into the digital marketing category.well when we say radio the first few pictures that come to our mind are the spotify, apple podcast, logo and google podcast. Because these are the new radio and Netflix, Hulu ,Amazon prime are the new prime time television. Now don’t get us wrong here the point we want to make here is if your ideal customer are listening to Spotify,you need to market there.

If your targeted customer loves to watch television, you need to market there. So don’t get surprised when the next time you are tuning into your prime time show or radio station and someone interrupted with an infomercial like hey before you tune into your favorite show make sure you learn important digital marketing lessons and not just waste time on your phone. Search for learn digital with our on apple podcast or Spotify and subscribe to digital marketing made easy podcast as that way you won’t miss any crucial lesson. Well this wasn’t the best information but you got the idea.

All right so now we have learned the various types of digital marketing and you might be feeling overwhelmed with all this information. So let’s make it simple and easy next time when someone asks you what are the different forms of digital marketing ? You respond with something like this. There are mainly three types of digital marketing :

  1. Readable marketing is something like that people may want to read.
  2. Visual marketing is something that people may visualize or watch.
  3. Audible marketing is something that people want to listen.

Conclusion :

Now go back to all the types of digital marketing you ever learned or even we discussed , you will notice is whatever digital marketing strategies each of them will fall under one of these three categories. Because any digital marketing campaign may either be text based, visual or audible.there is simply no other way so now you have learned the ways types of marketing that are popularly known and used. You have also learned how we make it simple by categorizing into just three forms of digital marketing.

Now it’s time to find the answer to the question which of these digital marketing stages is right for you and which one you should choose ?  So our answer would be, no one knows it better than you. If you have good skill at writing text-based content,you can go for text-based marketing. If you love creating visuals like images, videos, chips etc then go for visual form of marketing. If you are good at speaking go for audible form marketing.If you have money to invest go for paid. If you don’t want to invest money you can go for free or organic form of marketing. The point here is always play to your strength that way it will be easier for you to stay consistent in the long run. As the saying goes slow and steady win the race however the only terms or conditions is that you have to be consistent.We hope you enjoyed this full article.