Anti Submarine Helicopters,Speed,Range – Top 10

Anti Submarine Helicopters list - top 10

Top 10 Anti Submarine Helicopters for fleet protection and destroying submarines.

Different helicopters have different roles to play but when it comes to anti-submarine warfare helicopters their main role is to protect the fleet from enemy’s submarines. There are widely deployed by naval forces as a means to counter them at long ranges. These helicopters are fitted with sophisticated sensors and are armed with missiles and torpedoes to track and hunt down enemy boats or submarines. So among all the ASW helicopters in service today,we will present the top most powerful and the best of them.

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Anti Submarine Helicopters List

10. Z-9EC Anti Submarine Helicopter

Z-9EC helicopter
Z-9EC Image Credit :

At number 10, it is the zenon easy naval anti-submarine warfare helicopter. it is a further development of the harbin Z-9 and the z- 9ec is a ship born anti-submarine warfare helicopter. The helicopter equipped with advanced dipping sonar system torpedo and searching radar for anti-submarine mission. In addition it can also be used for search and rescue sar missions. Since it is equipped with sophisticated target detection system weapon system and avionics system the Z-9EC is of powerful combat capability.

The Z-9EC enhances the operational range of the host platform while meeting the challenging requirements of modern ASW warfare. It can remain airborne for 2.27 hours and the xena and EC is a 4 ton class helicopter powered by 2 turbomeca arriel 2c turboshaft engines. It features composed material airframe spacious cabin large load and high performance. Maximum and cruising speeds of this helicopter are 305km/h and 265km/h. Its maximum range is 427 kilometers and has a service ceiling of 4.5 kilometers.

Engine: Turbomeca Arriel 2C Turboshaft engines
Maximum speed: 305 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 265 km/hr
Service Ceiling: 4.5 km

9. SH-2G SUPER SEASPRITE Anti Submarine Helicopter

SH-2G asw helicopter
SH-2G asw helicopter : Wikipedia

At number nine,we have SH-2G super sea sprite which is an anti-submarine warfare helicopter developed by Kaminoan. The cabin SH-2G supersedes bride is an anti-ship based helicopter with anti-submarine anti surface threat capability including over-the-horizon targeting. This helicopter can carry a variety of weapons such as the AGM 1/1 by penguin anti-ship missiles and raytheon agm-65 maverick air-to-surface missiles mk 50 torpedoes and radar-guided improved c squad and laser designated hellfire missiles. Various machine guns can be carried such as the m60 or m134 gatling gun.

The super sea sprite can be equipped to the multimode radar fly system active dipping sonar Sonobuoy and active processing unit. The northrop grumman l and sixty-six hp multimode radar provides the helicopter with anti-ship surveillance and targeting capabilities. The SH-2G is fitted with general electric t 700 ge engines which provides a maximum and cruising speeds of 277 km/h and 222 km/h. The range of this anti-submarine helicopter is 1000 kilometers and it can fly at a maximum altitude of 6.22 kilometers.

Engine: General Electric T700-GE-401
Maximum speed: 277 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 222 km/hr
Maximum Range: 1000 km
Service Ceiling: 6.22 km


S-70B ASW SEAHAWK : Wikipedia

At Number eight Anti Submarine Helicopter is the S-70B Sea hawk. The S-70B hawk is an american naval helicopter which is manufactured by sikorsky aircraft and stratford .the helicopter carries out all-weather surveillance search and rescue missile targeting anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare and strike warfare. The sea hawks main radar is the a and APS 124 search radar supplied by raytheon. It is equipped with a sikorsky tsunami launcher on the port side of the cabin and a RR 84 receiver au is one acoustic processing unit and a RN 146 on top position indicator that indicates the position of a submerged submarine.

The seahawks anti-ship missile as the AGM 1190 penguin from krantz berg of norway. The helicopter also carries the hellfire air-to-surface missile to engage fast attack craft and small arms ships. The seahawk is equipped with two general electric t700 ge 401c turboshaft engines developing 3400 shaft horsepower. The maximum and cruising speeds of this helicopter are 330km/h and 270 km/h. The range in service ceiling of the helicopter are 592 kilometers and 3.62 kilometers respectively .

Engine: General Electric 7700-GE-401C
Maximum speed: 330 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 270 km/hr
Maximum Range: 592 km
Service Ceiling: 3.62 km


Westland sea king : Wikipedia

Next at Number seven we have, the Westland sea king which is a British license-built version of the american sikorsky s61 helicopter of the same name built by Westland helicopters. The asw helicopter is equipped with two type for marine markers 2 mk 2 smoke floats and mini sinhalese.It is supplied by ultra electronics bae systems type 2016 sonar with an aq s902 gd s acoustic signal processor provides the capability to carry out dipping sonar operations to a depth of 700 feet.

The helicopter can carry four torpedoes either 80k mk 46, what had a 244s or bae system stingray torpedoes. It can also be armed with four mk def charges. It is able to carry two anti-ship missiles either sea eagle or exercise sea eagle from mbda is an all-weather fire-and-forget sea-skimming anti-ship missile with a range of 100 kilometers. Guidance is by inertial navigation system with active radar homing the Westland seeking is powered by two rolls-royce gnome h 1400 turboshaft engines developing 1400 shaft horsepower each. Maximum speed of this helicopter is 208km/h the range in service ceiling of the Westland sea king is 1230 Kilometers and 3.04 kilometres.

Engine: Rolls-Royce Gnome H1400 turboshaft engine
Maximum speed: 208 km/hr
Cruising Speed: unknown
Maximum Range: 1230 km
Service Ceiling: 3.04 km

6. KAMOV KA-27 Anti Submarine Helicopter

KAMOV KA-27 : Wikipedia

At number six is the cam of ka-27 also called the helix according to NATO .the cam of ka-27 is a military helicopter developed for soviet navy and currently in service in various countries including Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, china, South Korea and India. The mission of the helicopter is to detect tracked and destroy submerged submarines at a depth of 500 meters and running at speeds up to 75 km/h at any time of year and in all weather conditions. The helicopter is equipped with a radar system for navigation and to detect surface submarines and responder beacons.

The helicopter also has a magnetic anomaly detector or ma d and an airborne receiver to detect and the helicopter to work sonar buoy radio transmissions. The helicopter is armed with one homing torpedo, one torpedo rocket, 10 pla b2 50 to 120 bombs and m av bombs. It is fitted with a heated torpedo bay ensuring the reliability of weapons in low temperature weather conditions the ka-27 helicopter is powered by two tv 3-1-1-7 km terrible shell engines. With this power it can go up to a maximum speed of 270 km/h however its cruising speed is 230 km/h. It can go up to a maximum range of 980 kilometres and has a service ceiling of 5 Kilometers.

Engine: TV3-117KM turboshaft engines
Maximum speed: 270 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 230 km/hr
Maximum Range: 980 km
Service Ceiling: 5 km

5. AW159 WILDCAT Anti Submarine Helicopter

AW159 WILDCAT : Wikipedia

The next helicopter is Agustawestland AW wildcat previously called the Future links and links wildcat. It is an improved version of the Westland super lynx military helicopter designed to serve in the battlefield utility search and rescue in anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine roles. Many elements of the AW159  avionics are provided by thales group and the helicopter has been equipped with the bowmen communication system allowing for data such as targeting and voice communications to be securely and seamlessly transmitted to friendly forces.

The helicopter can carry CRB7 or other on operated rockets and can also carry for thales martlet lightweight multi-role air-to-surface missiles .Alternatively it can also carry sea venom lightweight anti-ship missiles and these weapons are effective against small boats and fast attack craft. Both of this missiles can target ships and land targets.The naval version can also carry to stingray torpedoes or death charges. This helicopter is powered by 2l htc cts 804 and turboshaft engines developing 1361 shaft horsepower each. Maximum and cruising speeds are 311 km/h and 291 km/h. Range and service ceiling of this helicopter are 777 Kilometers and 4.5 Kilometers.

Engine: LHTEC CTS800-4N turboshaft engine
Maximum speed: 311 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 291 km/hr
Service Ceiling: 4.5 km

4. Z-18F Anti Submarine Helicopter

Z-18F : Image credit –

Number four, the Z-18f. The Z-18 f is an anti-submarine variant of the z-18 medium leap helicopter developed by charlie aircraft industry group .The z-18 f is equipped with an electro optic infrared sensor a dipping sonar and a chin mounted survey search radar. It can carry up to 32 sonobuoys and 4 yu7 lightweight asw torpedoes are yj9 anti-ship missiles. It has a prominent chin mounted surface search radar and it is probable that the aircraft is fitted with a data link like the ka 28 as in service with the pla navy.

This enables to operate in third party targeting mode for long-range anti-ship cruise missiles launched from frigate or destroyer escorts. The z 18 is powered by three w z’s succeeds her with chef engines developing around 1750 to shaft horsepower each. The maximum and cruising speeds of this helicopters are 336 km/h and 265 km/h. The range and service ceiling of the helicopters are 900 kilometers and 9 kilometers respectively.

Z-18F Engine: WZ-6C turboshaft engine
Maximum speed: 336 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 265 km/hr
Maximum Range: 900 km
Service Ceiling: 9 km

3. NH-90 NFH Anti Submarine Helicopter

NH-90 NFH : Wikipedia

At number three, the NH industries NH-90 and hf which was jointly developed by France, Germany,Italy and the Netherlands. This helicopter is a medium-sized to an engine multi-role military helicopter which was developed in response to NATO requirements for a battlefield helicopter which would also be capable of being operated in naval environments .This helicopter was developed for autonomous anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship roles. Its advanced mission suite includes a 360-degree search radar dipping sonar forward-looking infrared magnetic anomaly detector and electronic surveillance measures.

The NH90 is capable of all weather day and night operations even during high seas dates. According to airbus helicopters the NH90 possesses the lowest radar signature in its class principally due to its diamond-shaped compos’d fuselage. The helicopter can be armed with two mu 90 or MK 46 or stingray ASW torpedoes. Power is provided by a pair of turboshaft engines with rolls-royce turbomeca rtm 322 or general electric t 700 powerplants. The maximum cruising speeds of this helicopter is 300 km/h, the range in service ceiling of the helicopters are 800 kilometers and 6 kilometers respectively.

Engine: Rolls-Royce Turbomeca
RTM322/ General Electric 7700E powerplant
Maximum speed: unknown
Cruising Speed: 300 km/hr
Maximum Range: 800 km
Service Ceiling: 6 km

2. AW 101 Anti Submarine Helicopter

AW 101
AW 101 : Wikipedia

At number two come,s the Agustawestland AW101. it was developed by a joint venture between Westland helicopters in the united kingdom in Augusta in Italy in response to national requirements for a modern naval utility helicopter. The AW101 helicopters configured for autonomous ASW and asuw missions integrate a mission system composed of dipping sonar Sonobuoys and electronic warfare suite. The AW101s navigation systems includes a GPS receiver and inertial navigation system vhf omni directional radio range instrument landing system ta acan and automatic direction-finding .

The mk1 and mk2 e are equipped with the doppler velocity system which provides relative ground velocities. The helicopter has four torpedoes or def charges in its weaponry in the helicopter can also be armed with anti-ship missiles air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles rockets and gun systems .it is powered with three rules for ease turbomeca rtm 300 2201 turboshaft engines with 2100 horsepower each. Maximum and cruising speeds of this helicopters are 309 km/h and 278 km/h. The aw101 can go up to arrange an altitude of 833 kilometers and 4.5 eight kilometers.

Engine: Rolls-Royce turbomeca
RTM322-01 turboshaft engine
Maximum speed: 309 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 278 km/hr
Maximum Range: 833 km
Service Ceiling: 4.58 km

1. MH-60R SEAHAWK Anti Submarine Helicopter

MH-60R SEAHAWK : Wikipedia

Now at number one is the MH-60R Seahawk. This is a multi mission helicopter operated by the us navy and manufactured by Sikorsky aircraft. It is considered to be the world’s most advanced maritime helicopter and the helicopter is equipped for a range of missions including anti-submarine warfare anti-surface warfare search and rescue, naval gunfire support surveillance communications, relay logistic support and vertical replenishment. For anti-submarine warfare missions the helicopter is equipped with launcher and array thean a and a – S 22 advanced airborne low-frequency dipping sonar.

The helicopter can be equipped with a range of weapons on the four weapon stations including lockheed martin AGM-114 hellfire anti surface missiles. For anti-submarine warfare the mh-60r can carry up to 380 km k-50 or mk46 active or passive lightweight torpedos. The helicopter is powered by two general electric t700 ge 401 c turboshaft engines rated at a 1425 kilowatts. The internal self-sealing fuel tanks have a capacity of 2,200 30 litres. The maximum and cruising speeds of the helicopter are 267 km/h and 168 km/h respectively. While the range and service ceilings are 834 and 3.4 kilometres.

Engine: General Electric T700-GE-401C turboshaft engine
Maximum speed: 267 km/hr
Cruising Speed: 168 km/hr
Maximum Range: 834 km
Service Ceiling: 3.4 km

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